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1. What do I get when I leave the studio?

   You will receive a studio mix by email in the form of an mp3 as well as the session files.

   A link will be sent to your email to download them.

   You must download  files within a week or the link will expire, after that the files are not our responsibility.

2. If I'm late for my session, do I get an extension?

     No, the session starts at the time you booked. 

3. Can I pay cash when I arrive?

    No, we accept debit, credit, or cashapp. Not cash. Payments must be made at least an hour before the session starts.

4. Do you sell snacks or drinks?

    Yes, there is a vending machine in the building.

5. How many people can I bring


    We have a 5 person limit. This means you can bring 4 people with you total. 

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