Peace and Love thanks for choosing 380 Studios to Record, Mix and Master. Our Engineers are protools certified and ready to help you with your next project. 


Stoney Henges began  his audio engineering journey in 2012. After wanting to learn how to make the records he heard on the radio, he sought out guidance by interning at a few studios in Atlanta. During that process he enrolled in the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2014, and graduated in 2020 with a bachelors in Audio Production. Stoney has a strong passion for helping artists bring their visions to fruition, and as well as helping unlock their hidden potential. 


Alex is from Atlanta Georgia and has experience with engineering since 2015. He has recently graduated Alabama State University with a bachelors degree in recording technology. He works quickly, efficient, and makes sure the artist is comfortable. He specializes in hip hop, rap, and r&b. He has a passion for music, cares about his job, and making sure the artist is able to bring their vision to life.

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Real Precyse is an Engineer/Producer from Boston, MA who recently moved to Atlanta, GA. He specializes in the areas of Trap/HipHop, EDM & Drill but has skill sets in many other genres. With a vast Hip Hop background Precyse has managed to cultivate a unique edge on expanding his imagination whilst honing desires to become a staple in the industry by having his own unique approach. Precyse possesses 10 + years of experience, which allowed him to work at PaperKutz Studios in Brockton, MA and winning beat competitions such as Remy Martin Producer Series in Boston. He worked with up and coming artists such as Apex Hadez, St. Lexxo, to Sony artist Kanis and completed remixes with Wyclef Jean & Zoey Dollaz. Real Precyse leads with Intuition and sonics to ensure that the artist has a complete positive experience in projecting their music to the world.


Rumy has over 4 years of experience in audio engineering. He graduated from Guilford Tech in Greensboro, NC with a degree in audio engineering and live sound. Rich has run sound for artists such as Calvin Napper, Rich Dunk, Mr Cheeks, Luke Nasty and a few others. Rich has always enjoyed bouncing between running sound for performances and recording in the studio. Clients often say Rich has a laid back personality but readiness to work makes it very easy and enjoyable to work with him. He'll pay attention to detail and will be attentive on helping bring the sound your visioning to life. He is open to all genres and generally has a love for music as a whole. 


Jerry Bennett has over 12 years of experience with audio engineering. He recently

graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Audio from Belmont University in Nashville,

Tennessee. He has lived in Atlanta since 2009 and has grown up around the Atlanta sound.

Clients describe him as being extremely easy to work with, efficient, and able to come up with

incredible additions to songs with the use of effects and creative uses audio manipulation. Mixes

from this engineer are always clean, professional, and ready for streaming or radio. He has had

experience recording artists from genres like Rap, Pop, R&B, Metal, Punk, and Electronic. This

isn’t an engineer who just tracks your vocals for a paycheck, but an engineer who cares deeply

about what he does.


Morgan has just recently moved to Atlanta from Ohio and has been recording for 5 years. After having much experience on the artist side, he began engineering in 2019. In his beginner stages he interned for months at Loudmouth studios in Toledo, Ohio, where he eventually became the studio manager and head engineer until this past August 2021. He is passionate in recording multiple genres such as Pop, Hip-Hop, Trap, R&B and is known to work very closely with the artists he works with.