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Peace and Love thanks for choosing 380 Studios to Record, Mix and Master. Our Engineers are protools certified and ready to help you with your next project. 


Stoney Henges began  his audio engineering journey in 2012. After wanting to learn how to make the records he heard on the radio, he sought out guidance by interning at a few studios in Atlanta. During that process he enrolled in the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2014, and graduated in 2020 with a bachelors in Audio Production. Stoney has a strong passion for helping artists bring their visions to fruition, and as well as helping unlock their hidden potential. 

Mikey Ocean! I am a music producer, engineer, songwriter, DJ, content creator, social media marketer, and artist. I have been working in music professionally for 12 years and have two bachelor's degrees in sound engineering and music industry from the university of new haven. I have worked with rap, pop, rnb, rock, country, edm, you name it and I probably have worked on it. So let's make some magic!

TechieDez “Techie” Winston  has had a deep passion for music since a child and took his first step into the music industry  in 2014 when he attended the Art Institute of Atlanta. He later transferred to SAE institute of atlanta where he got his degree in audio production in 2016. Since then Techie has worked with with various artists and studios in the Atlanta area. Techie likes to take his experience as an artist and producer to help his clients leave the studio with with a work of art they, as well as their listers will love.

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